Volunteers Needed Throughout the Year

Help Shape the Next Generation
of New Jersey’s Workforce

Volunteers from all walks of life play a critical role in the success of the NJCCF’s programs, and there are numerous opportunities throughout the year for you to participate in our educational programs and student conferences.

Students participating in New Jersey Chamber of Commerce Foundation (NJCCF) initiatives come from a variety of backgrounds and may have limited exposure to the realities of the workforce.

Through programs, curriculum and interactive games, the NJCCF ensures that young adults develop an understanding of the culture and expectations of the workplace and the challenges of getting and keeping a job. Volunteers from businesses, industry, trades and the education and training communities are needed to help to reinforce these messages.

Volunteers are needed throughout the state for the following opportunities

  • Volunteers to bring the business perspective to classrooms by discussing a wide range of employability skills and employer expectations
  • Tours of employer facilities to expose students to a variety of jobs, dress codes, peer interactions, and business culture
  • Student mentoring, which can happen in the school setting or be integrated into on-site employer visits
  • Job shadowing for high school students
  • Serve on a panel of business judges for statewide or regional student competitions
  • Volunteers to showcase in-demand industry sectors and discuss educational requirements, career pathway and salary ranges

If you are employed by an organization with a community support mandate, volunteering with the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce Foundation is a great way to meet those commitments.


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