Developing and Practicing
College and Career Skills

Fun and Engaging Activities for
Middle and High School


LearnDoEarn is an initiative that is comprised of unique business simulation games, the School Counts! program and the Almost Real Products online job application experience.

Designed by the business community to help young adults of all abilities build and apply their college and career readiness skills in fun, engaging and safe ways.

Business Simulation Games

LearnDoEarn offers six experiential business simulation games focused on job attainment, situational judgment, time management, employer expectations, financial literacy and college preparation.

Each game can serve up to 50 students at a time and take approximately 90 minutes to complete. Games can be used in class, in after-school or summer programs, or student workshops.

Each LearnDoEarn game contains reusable paper materials, disposable game worksheet originals that can be reproduced in unlimited quantities, and a flashdrive that contains a presentation module with step-by-step game instructions and activities.

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School Counts!

As of June 24, 2024, the School Counts! program is owned and operated by the Cumberland County Campus Educational Foundation.  For additional information, please contact Maria LeBlanc, Ed.D. , Executive Director. The contact information for the Foundation is below:

Cumberland County Campus Educational Foundation
3322 College Drive
Vineland, NJ 08360
Phone: 856.807.5250
Foundation Web Site:

Almost Real Products

Almost Real Products offers young adults the opportunity to practice completing job applications and take pre-employment tests and surveys in a safe, low-stakes environment.

Teachers can use the instant results to provide guidance and feedback to young adults to help them review deficiencies and close knowledge gaps so that they are better prepared for employment.

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