School Counts! Part of the LearnDoEarn Student Achievement System

Young people need to know that there is a correlation between working hard in school and finding a job -- whether that job is in a Fortune 500 company or in the stockroom of a local retail store. They need to know that attendance, punctuality, attitude, and effort count and that nothing succeeds like hard work. Employers can reinforce these messages by asking young adult job applicants for their School Counts! Certificate, which documents that the student has:

  • achieved a 95% attendance and punctuality rate
  • obtained a ‘C’ or better in each course
  • completed school in 8 consecutive semesters (or are on time and on target for graduation)
  • taken more than the minimum number of credits required for graduation
  • Target audience: High school students
  • Format: Credentials awarded by the high school to students who meet the criteria. Students can use the credential as evidence of a professional-level work ethic when applying for jobs.
  • Length: Students can earn 5 credentials---one for every year of high school and one culminating “gold” credential for earning School Counts! Student status all four years of high school.
School Counts! LearnDoEarn Student Achievement System

School Counts! holds students accountable for their performance and provides a reward system for students who may not be eligible for other awards. The School Counts! credential allows students to effectively market their accomplishments to potential employers. By requesting or accepting high school performance records from young job applicants, employers can ensure that students understand there is a correlation between working hard in school and finding a good job.

Participating high schools can purchase School Counts! Credentials and the School Counts! embosser through the online order form.

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