College Career Ready Academy, Part of the Next Generation of LearnDoEarn

Target audience: Up to 50 college-bound/college-capable freshmen and sophomore students.

Format: The College Career Ready Academy is delivered on-site by a trained NJ Chamber of Commerce Foundation professional who utilizes multi-media presentations and engages students in interactive reinforcement activities. 

Length: Five non-consecutive school days (3 hours each day) or four consecutive full summer days (5-6 hours each day).

Building on the success of the LearnDoEarn Student Achievement System, the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce Foundation was asked by educators to develop experiential workshops to assist college-bound and college-capable students in preparing for the rigors of post-secondary education and the workforce.  Topics within the College Career Ready Academy are parallel to those in Target Work and Mission Transition, but with an additional focus on academic achievement and the college application/admissions process.

Currently, there are 4.8 million people out of work in the United States even though 10 million jobs remain unfilled. Almost all of these jobs require some level of education after high school:  associate’s/bachelor’s degrees or industry credentials. Preparing for the demands that future employers and college professors will place on students requires that students focus on academic success and appropriate behaviors while still in high school so they can earn in‐demand college degrees and industry credentials.

Research shows that individuals who earn college degrees are happier and healthier. Over a working lifetime, adults with bachelor’s degrees earn a million dollars more than those people who only have a high school diploma. High wage earners support society with higher income taxes, so everyone benefits when students achieve successful educational outcomes. Through engaging presentations, meaningful simulations, dynamic discussions, competitive team games, and interactions with business people, students are more likely to achieve optimal high school outcomes.

Make sure your ninth and tenth grade students know how critical their years in high school are while they still have time to build toward their dreams. 

Topics include:

Communications: the culture of school vs. business; language (writing, speech, body); attitude
My Career Plans: determine career plans; review college major/financial projections
College Business: the college admissions process; review of options; online resources; cost reduction
College Interviews: priorities of college admission officials
My Commitment: optimal high school outcomes; importance of academic achievement
Getting Ready: building a network; greeting people; habits to cultivate
Life On A Page: building/writing a performance-based résumé
Get Essential Skills: define/prioritize 'soft' skills; self-evaluation
The Hiring Process: how to remain employable by developing valued skills
Apply Yourself: mock interviews, online job application process
Keep The Job: behavioral protocols; work ethic; ethics; manners; work/life issues
Financial Literacy: definition; health related to wealth
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